Construction Administration

Construction Engineering

Testing & Inspection Services

Engineering Evaluations

Many consultants do not offer services beyond a project’s design phase. On behalf of the owner, CWA offers Construction Management to oversee bidding, contract negotiations, quality control, and project close-out that include:

—Project Administration & Bidding

—Construction Contracting & Observation

—Evaluation of Construction Procedures

—Field Consultations

Having a great appreciation for the construction industry, we make every possible effort to answer a contractor’s request the same day. To reduce a crew’s time in the field, CWA has developed efficient layout methods:

—Rough Earthwork Grades

—Final Staking for curbs, foundations, and columns


—Control for utility extensions

—Locate project construction limits

—GPS calibration

With our in-house and full operating lab, we offer quality testing and inspection services on small-and large-scale projects. We perform standard-operating field procedures with a proactive and practical approach to best serve our clients offering:


Lab Testing

—Soils/Aggregate (Proctor tests, Soil Classifications, Atterberg limits)

—Concrete (Compressive Strength of cast-concrete cylinders or drilled core samples)

—Grout/Mortar: Strength testing


Field Testing

—Soil Compaction (moisture/density) testing

—Bearing Capacity Testing

—Rebar inspections

—Concrete cores



—Erosion Control / Best Management Practices Inspection

—Special Inspections

—Periodic Construction Observations

—Resident Project Representation

—Inspection Reporting

—Contract Administration

—Concrete sampling – Slump & Air Content

—Stormwater Monitoring

—Sampling & Collection

CWA observes and evaluates active construction projects, as well as previously completed sites that include building structures. We can address any areas of concern raised by homebuyers, inspectors, and real estate agents or financial lenders. CWA also performs periodic site visits, as directed by the client, to observe construction activity and provide progress reports including:


—Preparation of Engineering Evaluations of Residences

—Evaluation of Construction Procedures

—Construction Progress Reporting to lending institutions


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