CWA works closely with clients and regulatory agencies to identify potential environmental compliance issues in the early stages of a project. At the onset of a project, assessing the environmental impacts reduces delays and allows clients to address the  feasibility of their concept. Services include:

—Site Evaluation and Planning

—Feasibility studies

—FEMA Letters of Map Amendment/Revisions (LOMA/LOMR) & Elevation Certificates

—Construction in a Floodway Permit Applications

—US Army Corps of Engineers Permit Applications

—Section 401/404 Permitting Applications

—Wetland Determinations

—Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWP3)

—Regulatory Compliance Assistance and Reporting

MIKE STEINER, AWB, Sr. Environmental Scientist

Mike is an Associate Wildlife Biologist® (AWB) with a Bachelor’s of Science in Wildlife and a minor in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Purdue University. His environmental expertise includes the Wildlife Society Manage projects where he lead field crews in native plant material installation. Mike also worked with invasive species control, native plantings, stream and shoreline restoration, wetland and prairie restoration, and various other forms of erosion control. Mike has volunteered over 500 hours at Muscatatuck NWR in Seymour, Indiana where his duties included weekly bird surveys, bi-weekly water control checks, record captures of endangered species for studies.

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