Value Engineering

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Constructability Reviews


Technical Service Provider (TSP)

Digital Terrain Models (DTM) &

GPS 3D Machine Control Data

CWA can complete preliminary (2D or 3D) grading and utility design by providing a thorough framework considering many design aspects that are typically overlooked in the early stages. It’s important to begin in the right direction regarding earthwork balancing, staging, and value engineering, before it’s far into the approval process and hard design.

Today’s engineering approval process is becoming more complicated. There is an increased focus by developers and their consultants on “simply getting the projects approved”. Unfortunately, a byproduct of this is the decreased focus on the actual detailing of the plans and the constructability of these designs.

With CWA’s experience from both design and construction, we can provide thorough design-plan reviews during the approval process. This is important because, often, the developer does not receive any value-engineering ideas or quality reviews until after the approvals from when a contractor is hired. Typically, it is too late for any “major” plan changes, which would require further approvals. This is unfortunate because many of these ideas would save the developer a considerable amount of money.

Unfortunately, there are some design professionals and developers that do not have the construction experience or means and methods of constructing their designs to provide this service during the design and approval process. These reviews can also be in the form of 3D models to identify problem areas. We can review and value engineer during any stage including:

—Concept Grading (2D or 3D)

—Utility Layout (2D or 3D)

—3D Renderings & Analysis

—Balancing the Site, Sequencing the Site

—Quantity Take-offs

—Cost Opinions

—Full Site Work Budgets

CWA has been approved by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) as a TSP to provide:

—Channel and Streambank Stabilization

—Surface Water Detention/Retention Structures

—Water Management Drainage Structures

—Wetlands Engineering Components

—Manure & Wastewater Handling and Storage


CWA is experienced in converting construction plans into 3-Dimensional DTMs for contractors to utilize in their GPS Machine Controlled Equipment.


For site contractors to get the most efficient and profitable use of their GPS technology, CWA can build an accurate 3D computer model from the traditional data provided by the engineer by taking the design provided in the 2D paper plan format, and building a 3D electronic model.


Converting the plan (either a CADD file and/or a paper set of plans) into a workable and accurate 3D computer model can then be used for machine control and rover use.


Additionally, we are experienced with preparing complex grading including rough- and-fine road and pad grading, utilities, stormwater basins, and swales. Our DTM range of services include:


—3D Renderings and Analysis

—Converting our designs or other firms’ designs to a DTM

—GPS 3D Machine Control Data Preparation

—GPS Machine Control Consulting and Training


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